Design, Store Concept, Retail Experience

The Challenge

As hearing specialists, Widex is building a fast-growing store chain, bringing to hearing-impaired customers a high-end device with artificial intelligence that connects with a smartphone, giving them the power to listen and connect with the world. Widex challenged PLM Global to build the store concept and create a space that is professional, functional and creates an identity recognizable throughout the country.

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Creating the space

For our team, functionality was at the base of design. We designed a space where professionals can work, and customers feel comfortable and confident to look for healthcare solutions. To create the right mood, the designers used clean lines, that allow for the product and the client to be at the forefront. Using white coloring and noble materials like wood, we created an environment that feels warm and inviting, yet professional. The furniture modules were inspired by the “W” in the store logo, and allow for multiple functions, creating separate spaces for one-on-one customer care, product experimentation and product display and information, while maintaining a store flow that feels calm and organized.

Displaying product inside and out

As the brand works with a high-end health product, it was important that it is highlighted in-store. To achieve it, we created illuminated podiums that give the product the attention it deserves. All product displays are illuminated with light lines that both show the product in a clear way and contribute to the warmth environment in the stores. Since the product integrates technology, we used multimedia elements like medium and large sized TV’s and tablets, that perform several functions in store: display of campaigns, product ranges, and guide customers through the hearing tests process.

A recognizable identity

Ultimately, this store design had an important branding goal – to standardize all Widex stores in the continent and islands and create a brand that is recognizable. To achieve that, the design incorporated clean, pure white, and a contrasting black – colors that radiate professionalism and are easy to recognize. The graphic elements are transversal to all stores, creating a cohesive brand, but all furniture and store sections are designed to adapt to all stores, as they differ in terms of square footage throughout locations, while illuminated signage works towards brand awareness. One key feature of this design was that all displays work to be seen both from inside and outside, taking every opportunity to catch the eye of the consumer, while being the ultimate functional design to make several different and small spaces work as one.