Design, Window Display, Technology

The Challenge

As a technological brand, Huawei needs to stand out in a crowd. They came to us with a big challenge: to display Huawei branding and products at their flagship store in Gran Vía, one of the most important streets in Madrid.

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Technology on display

As the store is located on a big historical avenue, surrounded by big buildings, it was important to take advantage of the landscape and the huge front of the store, while maintaining the aesthetic of the brand. To achieve this, our team designed a window display that combined technology and product. A screen display composed of 4x4 LED modules was suspended from the ceiling, maintaining the clean design of the space. This integration connects to a content management system, allowing the brand to update video content regularly, maintaining the freshness of the content and making it versatile and able to be personalized for events and product launches. Below, four furniture modules focus on displaying product, that can be switched and combined with the content displayed on the screen – allowing customers to see the full potential of the products.

Making a statement

Espacio Huawei in Madrid is the biggest flagship store in Europe, creating a space that invites costumers to live the technology in its environment, experimenting with product and creating interactive experiences for all types of customers. The window display aligns with the brand values, inviting families inside to interact with high-end technology and imagine a future where technology is part of their everyday lives.